From Popcorn to Prayer: 12 Kid Friendly Christian Movies

12 Kid Friendly Christian Movies | Next Level Calling

As parents and caregivers, nurturing the faith of our children is a cherished responsibility. Introducing young minds to the profound stories of the Bible and the values that underpin Christian beliefs can be a powerful way to instill spirituality, empathy, and resilience in their lives.

Christian movies tailored for kids are an exceptional resource in this endeavor, offering not only entertainment but also valuable lessons and a deeper connection to their faith. In this article, we will explore 12 Christian movies for kids that are both entertaining and faith-enhancing, helping your children grow in their understanding of Christian values and principles.

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12 Kid Friendly Christian Movies

A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas” is a classic animated television special based on the Peanuts comic strip created by Charles M. Schulz. While it has elements related to Christmas and includes a Nativity scene depicting the birth of Jesus, it is not a religious or Christian movie in the traditional sense. The special was first broadcast in 1965 and has become a beloved holiday tradition for many viewers.

The main theme of the show is Charlie Brown’s search for the true meaning of Christmas, as he feels that the holiday has become too commercialized. The story includes the characters preparing for a Christmas play, and it culminates with Linus reciting the biblical account of the birth of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke.

While the inclusion of the Nativity scene and Linus’s recitation of the Bible verses highlights the Christian aspect of the holiday, the special also emphasizes themes of kindness, friendship, and the spirit of giving, making it accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of viewers, regardless of their religious beliefs.

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The Pilgrim’s Progress

The animated adaptations of “The Pilgrim’s Progress” retain the Christian themes and allegorical content of the original work by John Bunyan. The movie is created to convey the spiritual journey of the main character, Christian, as he embarks on a pilgrimage to the Celestial City, encountering various challenges, temptations, and allegorical characters along the way.

The animated adaptation often seeks to provide a family-friendly and faith-based viewing experience, making it suitable for Christian audiences and those interested in Christian literature and allegory. It aims to convey the religious and moral messages contained in the original text and is typically produced with the intent of promoting Christian values and teachings.

The Price of Egypt

“The Prince of Egypt” is an animated musical film that tells the biblical story of Moses, focusing on his journey from being raised as an Egyptian prince to becoming the leader who freed the Hebrew slaves from Egypt, as recounted in the Book of Exodus in the Bible. The film does have strong Christian themes since it is based on a prominent story from the Old Testament of the Bible. However, it is not produced or marketed as a traditional “Christian movie” intended for explicitly religious purposes.

“The Prince of Egypt” is known for its high-quality animation, storytelling, and music, and it has a broad appeal, reaching audiences of various backgrounds and faiths. While it incorporates religious elements and themes, it can be enjoyed by a wide range of viewers, not just those of the Christian faith.

The film does provide a cinematic portrayal of the biblical narrative, and its themes of liberation, faith, and leadership align with Christian values. So, while it is a film with strong Christian themes, it is not exclusively a “Christian movie” in the sense of being produced primarily for religious or evangelical purposes.

Different Drummers

“Different Drummers” is a film that is often categorized as a Christian movie due to its themes and content. The movie is based on the true story of two boys, one of whom has muscular dystrophy, and their unlikely friendship. It explores themes of faith, friendship, and overcoming adversity, which are often associated with Christian values and messages.

While “Different Drummers” contains Christian themes and messages, it is a family-friendly and inspirational film that incorporates Christian elements into its storytelling.

The Star

“The Star” is an animated film that tells the story of the first Christmas from the perspective of the animals who witnessed the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. It incorporates elements of the Nativity story, featuring characters like Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men, and the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. The film is known for its family-friendly and comedic approach to the biblical narrative.

“The Star” can be categorized as a Christian-themed or religious film because it is based on the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, a central event in Christianity. While the movie includes humor and an animated format that appeals to a broad audience, it ultimately carries a message rooted in Christian tradition and the celebration of the Nativity

The film is suitable for both Christian and general family audiences, and it presents the story of the Nativity in an accessible and entertaining way. So, while it is not an overtly evangelistic or explicitly Christian movie, it does contain Christian themes and is often considered a family-friendly Christmas film with a religious backdrop.

Heaven is for Real

“Heaven Is for Real” is a film based on a true story and a book of the same name. It tells the story of a young boy named Colton Burpo who claims to have had a near-death experience and visited heaven during a life-threatening illness. The film explores the impact of Colton’s experience on his family and their small-town community.

The story is centered on Colton’s account of his experience in heaven, and it touches on religious and spiritual elements. It also delves into how Colton’s near-death experience affects the faith of his family and others in their community.

While the film is based on a real-life account, it is not a traditional evangelical or overtly religious film. Instead, it can be described as a faith-based drama that explores questions of faith and the possibility of an afterlife. It appeals to a wide range of viewers, including those with Christian beliefs, as well as those interested in exploring themes of faith and spirituality.

Evan Almighty

“Evan Almighty” is a comedy film released in 2007, which serves as a sequel to the 2003 film “Bruce Almighty.” While “Evan Almighty” contains elements related to religion and spirituality, it is primarily a comedy with environmental and family-oriented themes. The film’s premise revolves around a man named Evan Baxter (played by Steve Carell) who is tasked by God (played by Morgan Freeman) to build an ark in preparation for a great flood, much like the biblical story of Noah’s Ark.

Although “Evan Almighty” includes biblical references and themes, it is not typically considered a traditional Christian movie. It uses these themes for comedic and dramatic effect and does not have an overtly evangelical or religious message. Instead, the film focuses on themes of environmental stewardship, family, and personal growth.

Letters to God

“Letters to God” is a 2010 film that can be classified as a Christian-themed or faith-based movie. The story revolves around a young boy named Tyler Doherty who writes letters to God as a way of coping with his battle against cancer. The film explores themes of faith, hope, and the power of prayer.

While “Letters to God” is not explicitly marketed as a traditional Christian movie, it contains strong Christian themes and messages. It emphasizes the importance of faith, prayer, and the impact of belief on personal struggles. The film can resonate with Christian audiences and those interested in stories of faith and inspiration.

The Nativity Story

“The Nativity Story” is a 2006 biblical drama film that tells the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, following the events leading up to and surrounding the Nativity. The film is a retelling of the biblical account of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem, the birth of Jesus in a manger, the visit of the shepherds, and the arrival of the Wise Men.

“The Nativity Story” is rooted in Christian tradition and the New Testament accounts of the birth of Jesus found in the Bible, specifically in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. The film is a faithful adaptation of this religious story and is intended to convey the Christian message of the birth of the Savior.

Grace Unplugged

“Grace Unplugged” is a Christian-themed movie, released in 2013, and tells the story of a young woman named Grace Trey who aspires to be a successful pop singer but struggles with the conflict between her Christian faith and the allure of fame and the music industry. The movie explores themes of faith, family, and the challenges of staying true to one’s beliefs in a secular world.

While “Grace Unplugged” does contain Christian themes and messages, it is not an overtly evangelical or explicitly religious film. Instead, it focuses on the personal and spiritual journey of the main character and her relationship with her faith, family, and the entertainment industry.

The Stray

“The Stray” is a family-friendly film that is often categorized as a Christian movie due to its themes and content. The film is based on a true story and centers around a stray dog that enters the lives of a family and helps them navigate various challenges and strengthen their relationships.

While “The Stray” incorporates Christian themes such as faith, miracles, and the idea that sometimes things happen for a reason, it is not overtly evangelical or explicitly religious in the way some Christian movies are. Instead, it is more of a heartwarming and inspirational family film with Christian undertones.

Facing The Giants

“Facing the Giants” is a Christian movie. Released in 2006, it is a sports drama film that centers on a high school football coach who faces personal and professional challenges. The movie strongly incorporates Christian themes, faith, and the power of prayer as the coach, his team, and his family turn to their Christian beliefs to overcome obstacles.

“Facing the Giants” is produced by Sherwood Pictures, a Christian production company associated with Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. The film is known for its overtly Christian message and is intended to inspire and encourage viewers in their faith.

These 12 kid friendly Christian movies aren’t just entertainment; they’re stories that pack a spiritual punch. From old classics to modern tales, they weave Christian values into engaging plots. As parents, these films aren’t just a way to keep the kids occupied; they’re tools to nurture faith, providing a mix of entertainment, education, and spiritual growth. Let the power of storytelling leave a lasting impact, making these films a valuable part of your family’s journey.

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