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BLEPO Grant for Biblical Leadership via Entrepreneurship in an Organization

The BLEPO Grant is an entrepreneurship/business mentorship contingent grant in the amounts of $5,000 – $25,000 that is awarded to one or more candidates who have successfully been accepted into the Denarius Mentorship Program


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These grants are given to foster and grow entrepreneurs who truly have a vision and calling on their lives for Jesus Christ. Grant award weights are assigned equally on Christlike character, actions, and godly visions in addition to business growth & success. The grants are provided as a springboard to a truly significant life that is not measured in merely dollars & cents only, instead of in the deep gratitude for the blessings of God. All Grant Awardees will commit to “Pay it Forward” for the next set of Proteges in the program. This could be in the form of Volunteering resources, Speaking at Next Level Calling events, financial support through their business, give back events, social awareness campaigns, adoption of positive value/policy statements for their companies, tags on social media posts, and awareness campaigns.

Grant applicants will also commit to sharing their daily Christian walk and how it affects their thoughts and actions relating to business. These stories, posts, and videos will then be shared with other people for encouragement, wisdom, and growth. The highlight here will be the daily life of each protégé in prayer, bible studies, volunteer services, developing Christ-like character, deep-diving into the wisdom of God, intimate worship, and putting God first always before profit and business.

Next Level Calling Blepo Grant

The BLEPO challenge isn’t based on one-time pitches, fancy gimmicks, or hopping through mazes, it’s about the strength of the venture, but, more importantly, entrepreneurs are rewarded for taking action. Quite simply it is a reflection of celebrating startups of all kinds and the founders who are taking action to bring their vision to life.

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The name BLEPO comes from the Strong’s concordance of the Bible. It is the number 991 in the bible for the Greek word BLEPO. $991.00 is the total amount of financial investment each Protégé makes in the Denarius Mentorship Program. $3.62 / day (Denarius value today) x 9 months program time (273.75 days) = $990.98.

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BLEPO is a verb and the definition is – properly to see, be observant (watchful). It suggests “to see something physical, with spiritual results (perception)”. Found 132 times in the New Testament, the Greek verb “BLEPO” means “See,” “Notice,” “Behold,” “Perceive.” This term can mean “Notice (optically), and Comprehend (visually),” The word is found “20 times in Matthew, 15 in Mark, 15 in Luke, 17 in John, 14 in Acts, 28 in Paul’s epistles, 8 in Hebrews, 13 in Revelation, and one time each in James and 2 John”.

Next Level Calling’s BLEPO grant means exactly like the bible says, an earthly business or venture that is now


Open – TBD
Close – TBD

Criteria / Eligibility

What types of organizations or entities can apply?

  • Non-Profit organizations or fiscally sponsored projects
  • Public sector entities
  • For-Profit and/or Social Enterprises

We remain open to considering applications from the United States and abroad.

Applicants who will receive an average score based on reviewer responses and reviewers will decide on semi-finalists and finalists primarily based on top scores

Reviewers in each round will include a mix of the BLEPO Grant Panel, Next Level Calling Board, Funding Partners, and previous winners.

The minimum grant amount will be $5,000 up to a maximum of $25,000. The final grant amount for each awardee will be determined by the panel & reviewers.

Funds should be used for the awarded organization and in support of the proposed project(s) (if any) only. Winners may be required to provide financial reports (in addition to other reporting requirements) as part of our reporting process.

You can contact if you have additional questions.

Next Level Calling’s Denarius Mentorship Program, is committed to evaluating progress, learning from successes and challenges, and ensuring that we are regularly leveraging our resources and network to amplify the work of Christ.