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The word “vocation” comes from the Latin word “voca,” which means “to call.” It’s how God designed us and called us to serve in the world. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of business. Like with any message, the Gospel is best understood when presented by those who speak the same language and understand the same pressures of the business world.


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Believe it or not, the Bible actually has a lot to say about our work and business.

In fact, in Genesis 2, at the first mention of work in the Bible, the Hebrew word God uses for it is “abad,” which shares the same root word as worship. Adam worshipped God in the Garden not just by reading the Bible and praying; he worshipped God by working and doing the business God put him in the garden to do, too.

It cannot be coincidental that the majority of the parables that Jesus told had a business context. And of the forty miracles recorded in the book of Acts, thirty-nine of them occurred outside of a church setting. It is apparent that the God of the Bible is as concerned with displaying his power outside the walls of the church as he is within it.

“Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it” – Gen1:28

For business owners, it means you’ll start to ask questions like,

“I know we can make a profit from this, but is it genuinely helpful
to people?”

Or, “How can I use this business not just to enrich myself, but to bless others?”

A good, profitable business is one of the greatest benefits. But it means that you think not just about personal profits in your business, but the blessing of everyone involved. To worship God in your business means having standards higher than even the world! It means going beyond the world’s standards. In the process, we need to face struggles, battles, disappointments, cash crunches, etc. before arriving at the final destination. There is no dichotomy in business as sacred and secular – we are here to glorify God through our business.

God expects us to be fruitful and increase and have total control and multiply our seeds as we go out and do business as a mission.

This is a key part of Next Level Calling’s mission. Central to this is business professional’s interactions to sharpen, mentor, counsel, and praying for one another and others. It is at this level that discipleship takes place as well as mentoring. Outreach efforts are birthed here. Discouraged followers are encouraged here. The unfitted are empowered here. Come Join Us.

“40% of the worldwide workforce today is self-employed”
– Bureau of Labor Statistics 2019

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Are you living out your calling in your business?
The world needs more businesses with heart


Next Level Calling Business Mentorship Classes

Business Workshops & Seminars

These are not your generic workshops that simply give you information you could have gotten from an internet page. We offer both Live & Web-based training modules that are available on-demand, online, or via a web browser. Attendees from across the globe can now attend training classes at their own convenience. This methodology also incorporates Visual Demonstrations, Dynamic Videos, Upload Documents, Trainee Assessments, and connecting with other organizational & industry participants. We are registered with multiple recognized and reputed business education institutions.


Mentoring in business is the process of helping a protégé develop their God-given talents. Mentors establish a mentoring relationship and friendship with their protégé, and the power of friendship and mentoring is key for doing business God’s way. In our careers, we are repeatedly being tugged between our role as a Christian and businessperson and separating the sacred from the secular. As we tried to be more Christ-like and less self-centered, standing in the gap of our beliefs can be a difficult challenge in the secular world. Next Level Calling provides Christ-centered business mentorship to select candidates only. Such mentorship is beyond giving simple dos and don’ts instead it is based on a proven results-based approach that has been the success for over 20+ years in the lives of the mentors guiding this effort. They are not just giving information instead it is road tested where the rubber meets the road. Whether you are a white knuckle driver or a lost adventuress, the Denarius mentorship is for you!

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Flexible & Creative Workspaces

While there are many co-working options available nowadays, there’s none that inspires and connects you closer to God and His Call for your life. Next Level Calling business environment ignites success and instills that feeling that you were made to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. Unlike other so-called flex workplaces which simply foster a club/college type environment, we believe in the sanctity and importance of your vision…

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We provide “Programs & Services” to assist business-minded individuals in starting, growing, and succeeding at any stage of the business cycle.

  • 8a, HUBZone, DBE/MBE Certifications
  • A-127 Compliance
  • 501c3 Exemption
  • Accounting Systems & Audits
  • Alliances/Partnerships/Tactical Planning
  • Association & Incubation Models
  • Being Bankable / Money & Metrics
  • Boards and Bylaws
  • Branding & Market Positioning
  • Business Model Generation; Business Plans; Valuation Analysis
  • Buying & Selling a Business
  • CMMI Quality Assurance
  • Compliance Centric Policies
  • Cost Accumulation & Models
  • DCAA Compliance & Audits
  • Entrepreneurial Training
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations
  • Financing, Debt and Private Equity
  • FISMA & ITAR Compliance
  • GAAP & IFRS Conversions
  • Government Contracting
  • Grant Applications / Research Alliances
  • GSA Federal Supply Schedules
  • GSA GWAC Programs
  • Infrastructure & Capacity Building
  • Investor & Equity Financing Preparations
  • IT Solutions
  • Job Costing and Class Tracking
  • Joint Venture / Mentor-Protégé
  • Management Policies and Procedures
  • Marketing & Sustainability
  • Nonprofit & Govt Accounting
  • Project Management
  • Quickbooks Setup & Training
  • Sarbanes Oxley Compliance
  • Startups & Incorporation
  • Strategic Teaming / Alliances
  • Term Sheets, Deal Terms, Business Structure/Formation
  • Training & Development
  • Web & Digital Marketing
  • Workshops & Seminars


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