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Next Level Calling offers short term courses, regular bible studies, degree programs, and Christian Apologetics sessions designed to instruct & equip all who desire to effectively study & share the gospel of Jesus Christ and answer the common objections to Christianity with gentleness and respect. We have multiple events this year, click on the Events tab for more information and we hope to see you soon at one of our services. Engaging the mind unlocks the heart, and therefore we take people’s lives very seriously.

Small Group Studies

We believe that the world makes more sense when we have a right view of God and the world, and discipleship within the small group setting is one of the best ways to answer these questions facing the world today. We have multiple training curriculums that make it easy for both small group leaders and participants to deepen their faith and address the most relevant questions facing the church and present culture.


Next Level Calling wants to invest in people’s lives and come alongside you in answering your questions and daily challenges on sexuality, faith, culture, and more.

One regular attendee says
“I really do believe that team gatherings and studies helped me in a variety of ways”. “I constantly learned from others’ experiences and perspectives”.

In this culture and environment of Empowerment, individuals not only excel on the very same things they used to struggle with but also cultivated lifelong friendships. It may be hard to believe what simply immersing oneself in the Word of God and fellowship with people who have a heart to help others can bring into everyone’s life. What sets this team apart is that each team member truly shows up for each other, no matter if that’s in the hospital or in the classroom says a current Protégé in the Denarius Mentorship Program named Daniel, who is helping his family’s Office Furniture business, while studying remotely in New Mexico. “We as a team push each other to reach higher and push harder. Each of our teammates is equally deserving and has spurred our growth into the individuals we are today.”

Bible Studies - Next Level Calling

Partnership Strength

Leveraging unique strengths to enhance our overall mission. We have formalized collaborative agreements that build on existing initiatives, social & business standings, joint research & curricular projects, common centers for coordinating conferences & programs and shared services to explore the synergies in our missions. At the same time, the institutions hope to break new ground in interdisciplinary studies and projects.

  • Ampac Business Capital
  • Azusa Pacific University
  • UCR – Small Business Development Center
  • US Small Business Administration
  • Excelsior Ministries
  • UCI – Cove Center for Innovation
  • National University