Business & Entrepreneur Program


BFAM has partnered with Next Level Calling to provide Christ Centered Business Mentorship to select candidates.

This 9-month program is beyond giving simple dos and don’ts instead it is based on a proven results-based approach that has been the verifiable success point for over 20+ years in the lives of the mentors guiding this effort. We seek out entrepreneurs who can receive power of Jesus Christ to demonstrate to others. Power is multi-dimensional, and entrepreneurs should be the drivers of social, economic, and political change in the world.

Mentorship will include small group/one-on-one counseling with business experts, access to all workshops & seminars, free entrance to all public events, automatic access to apply for BLEPO Contingent Cash Grant.

Program includes:

  • Online Virtual Delivery & Live Sessions via Zoom/Google Meets
  • Classes meet bi-weekly for Program Period of Nine (9) Months
  • “Best in Class” Curriculum
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits
  • 20+ Christian Mentors & Proven Marketplace Leaders
  • BLEPO Contingent Cash Grant of $5K up to $25K

To Join this Program:

  1. Enroll in the BFAM Training Center
  2. Interview with Next Level Calling Representatives
  3. Pay Program fee of $499 (Financing and Limited Scholarships available)
  4. Begin Your Training

Next Level Calling Speakers and Mentors are leading individuals in their respected fields helping students develop skills and strategies for building a successful business, providing insight on entrepreneurship, and connecting with God with our Christ-centered Mentorship Program. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for future speakers and helpful business articles.